“I haven’t seen another tool out there like ClearSlide that enables you to measure people’s interaction with your proposals”

Erin McDaniel SVP Sales, North America

Sales Rep Productivity is Trending Up at WGSN


  • Time wasted scheduling meetings rather than in meetings
  • Difficulty identifying material that would resonate with customers
  • Lack of time to focus on building new business

A way for sales pros to meet with more prospects in less time

WGSN’s sales people were spending too much of their workday scheduling or traveling to meetings rather than actually in meetings and conversations with prospects and clients.

Reps had little time to focus on building more business, let alone trying to close deals, according to Amanda Burns, Business Development Manager at WGSN’s New York office. In-person meetings were not always time well spent—especially when reps were unable to connect with a key decision-maker, or presented information that did not resonate with a prospect.

“We needed to find a way to be more efficient—to meet more people in less time,” says Burns. “We also wanted to be sure we were sharing the right information with the right people, and prioritizing our time based on their interest in our material.”



An easy-to-use tool for scaling marketing efforts

Erin McDaniel, WGSN’s Senior Vice President of Sales for North America, had used ClearSlide at a previous employer, and was impressed by its ease of use—for both sales pros and customers. So, it was a logical choice to implement it with her team at WGSN.

“ClearSlide delivers on a simple promise: that it’s easy to use. I can’t overstate the importance of that,” she says. “I also haven’t seen another tool out there like ClearSlide that enables you to measure people’s interaction with your proposals.”

ClearSlide improves the impact of marketing content and sales enablement by providing the sales team with fast and easy access to a single source of truth for up-to-date sales material—including content tailored for specific markets.

“ClearSlide allows us to scale our marketing efforts to meet the needs of our global sales team,” says Emily Spiegel, Content and Product Marketing Manager at WGSN. “Whenever I send the sales team new content, they ask, ‘Is it on ClearSlide?’ In short, it doesn’t exist for them if it’s not on ClearSlide.”


  • Real-time meetings to connect instantly and share rich media
  • Fast access to library of latest sales material for specific markets
  • Measurement of prospect engagement


Clear Paths to Closing Deals

With ClearSlide, the sales team at WGSN is now reaching more prospects through webinars and online demos, and seeing higher connection rates. They’re also finding they have more opportunities to conduct follow-ups and close deals. “We can jam-pack our schedules but also use our time more effectively,” says Burns.

ClearSlide enables WGSN to boost efficiency by uncovering new influencers, and make inroads with decision-makers faster. Burns greatly values the time she saves because of ClearSlide’s integration with Salesforce: “Whenever someone views a link, proposal, or report that I’ve sent through ClearSlide, it will automatically generate a new lead or contact in Salesforce.”

“I can see what content prospects are engaging with the most—and what information they’re forwarding to their teammates,” says Burns. ClearSlide helps WGSN continue to drive business growth through natural upsell opportunities. The results have been tremendous, there isn’t another product in the market that can provide the WGSN team with the valuable insights that ClearSlide does.


  • Ability to host more prospect and client meetings in less time
  • Faster connections to key decision-makers
  • More opportunities to conduct follow-ups and close deals


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