When prospecting gets tough, The tough get ClearSlide + Sendbloom

CSO Insights research shows 74% of organizations don't manage sales content effectively — reps waste 440 hours a year looking for content when they could be spending that time reaching prospects. ClearSlide has partnered with Sendbloom to seamlessly integrate ClearSlide's robust content management and customer engagement analytics with Sendbloom's automated prospecting campaigns.

Watch this webinar and see how the integration between ClearSlide and Sendbloom will transform the way you prospect.

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Here are the top 3 things you'll learn:

  • Ensure your sales teams have the most impactful and up-to-date content tailored to prospect needs and account based marketing
  • Leverage real-time notifications, analytics, and reporting to more effectively connect with and prioritize buyers.
  • Get direct insight into what content is working — and what isn't — so you can quickly refine campaigns.

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