Building a World-Class Sales Organization

Tools for achieving successful sales enablement

There is a big contradiction today with sales leaders, who all agree that enablement is absolutely critical to their success, yet rank their execution of enablement as less than satisfactory. What that tells us is that sales leaders know they need to provide better enablement, but how they achieve that goal remains vexing.

In this webinar, TOPO’s Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg, will present the TOPO Sales Enablement Framework. TOPO analyzed key components of world-class sales organizations and created an easy-to-understand way to increase sales team effectiveness, from onboarding through continuous improvement.

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Here are the top 3 things you’ll know from this :

  • The TOPO Sales Enablement Framework
  • How sales engagement platforms support programs and processes
  • Process-driven enablement
  • Real-world examples

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